Sunday, April 26, 2009


Our 7th anniversary fell on the first day of my spring break. Unfortunately, thanks to the lovely little darlings I work with everyday, I didn't feel well and wasn't up to doing much until Wednesday. So on Friday, Bal took off from work and we took a trip to Monticello. I've been wanting to go for a very long time. We left early in the morning and even though it was very warm at home, Charlottesville was a bit cooler. We still had a lovely spring day with only one April shower. It started while we were walking the trail from the house to the visitor center.

Everything was starting to green up and the dogwoods were just blooming. The red buds were still in bloom too and everything was just beautiful! I love that first bit of green that starts to burst forth. It always seems so long in coming and just when you are about to give up, there is just a hint of green.

Here are a few more pictures from our trip.


Jase said...

You're both looking really well.

Kim said...


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