Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Moving again

So, just sitting here eating a poptart for breakfast (yay for healthy American food!) and preparing myself for a busy day. We are moving out of the long stay hotel and moving into an apartment for the next 6 months. Our household belongings will be delivered tomorrow sometime and our cable and internet will be installed in the next few days as well. I have to pack the suitcases and a box or two for odds and ends that won't actually fit into the cases. I'm disappointed because Ikea is so far away and we only have a little honda. I'm wondering what a 150 mile trip with 2 or 3 bookcases in a small Honda civic would be like. I shudder at the thought.

So one more night in the hotel and then home sweet home. I'm really excited and I've already started doodling on a pad of paper the different ways that I can arrange the furniture. And I've started a wish list for things from Ikea ( I love Ikea even if it is evil and 150 miles away!) and other places.

The other good news is I have a phone interview with the school system. I applied last Thursday night for a library media specialist position and I was called the next morning. It is just a preliminary interview, but I'm still a bit nervous and I'll be glad when it is over. I'm also going to apply for a children's librarian position at the public library. This job has been available for a while and it would be a perfect fit - pretty much what I was doing before (but with out the Youth Services Team in Edinburgh, boo). The downside is I would be working weekends. But a job is a job and I'll probably apply anyway.

Well that's enough for now. The boxes and suitcases are staring at me accusingly. The poptarts are just a bunch of crumbs now and I have a bit of nervous energy to spend. I guess that's better than spending money at Ikea.

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