Saturday, December 31, 2005

a mouse

While living in Edinburgh, we were adopted by a shy mouse which we called Freddie. Freddie and his family were a bit messy, always leaving behind evidence of their visit on my kitchen counters and I was cleaning (deep cleaning) everyday. We tried regular mouse traps and humane mouse traps. But Freddie seemed to turn his nose up to them all. I, however, almost caught my thumb twice. That's when I changed to the humane traps. I'm sure he was laughing heartily.

When we left Edinburgh, we also left Freddie behind. We miss him and we hope that he and his new adoptees are getting along fabulously.

This morning I opened up the pantry to find pieces of Hershey kisses wrappers shredded on the shelf. Not just any Hershey Kisses either. Dark chocolate ones which I had been dreaming about while I was in Scotland and so excited to get. I had them in the cupboard sealed up with a clip. There is now a hole in the packet and one of the kisses has been well and truly nawed on. I think I'll call this mouse George. At least I know what to put into the humane mouse trap.


Ghetufool said...

Hi, Kim,
I was just browsing throgh blogs, happened to stumble upon yours. nice blog. think i loved it.
though my hatred for mice knows no limit, will come again to read your posts.
happy new year buddy.

mr-potter said...

Is it time for Peanut to move in?