Monday, July 17, 2006

hopefully not another vet visit

While I was in the kitchen sterilizing the medicine dropper for Bella, I heard an awful yowling from the dining room. After running into the room I found Bella hanging upside down by her leg off the back of the dining room chair. She just couldn't free herself. Once I managed to get her loose she ran away and is now limping around. The leg looks a little funny, but she does stand on it and does move it a bit. I'm just hoping it will be okay tomorrow and I won't have to visit the vet again tomorrow morning. The kits are very rambunctious and a little bit klutzy. Hopefully they'll grow out of that soon. They are fascinated by the blinds and the curtains. Rosa is now able to jump up to the bathroom sink, although I'm not sure why she would want to after the wash down she received this morning after the toilet incident.

1 comment:

Rena said...

I see you're having fun and games! As long as it doesn't involve destruction of house and home, of course...

Hang in there, Balint. It will be OK...!