Saturday, October 28, 2006


Last week the kittens decided to redecorate. They seemed to have taken offense to the wallpaper in the foyer. Good thing I didn't like it either. They tore huge hole in the paper and I made up my mind it was time to paint. So while Bal was in Boston, I bought paint, brushes and a drop cloth and tried hard to get it all done before he arrived home. Didn't happen. It took all morning just to tape off! The trim is done and my mom and I are going to paint the walls tomorrow. Thank goodness my mom is here. She took the wall paper down (with help from the cats!) and prepared and repaired the walls. I can't wait to see the walls done, but even with the only the trim painted the room looks better. I wonder which room the kits will decide needs redecorating next?

Sorry we have been so slack lately. No reason except laziness and not much to say.


Rena said...

I saw your photos. It looks really lovely and restful now in neutral tones!

I must admit we've done the same; our hall was originally dark red (both walls and floor) and womb-like. Now it is gloriously light and airy and we love it!


Kim said...

I'm really glad we did it. You are right, it's so light and airy!