Saturday, March 03, 2007

lunar eclipse

I didn't realize that there was a lunar eclipse tonight. I saw it and at first I just thought it was a cloud covering the moon. A strange cloud, I'll admit, but just a cloud. We were heading to Trader Joe's and as I was getting into the car I looked up at the full moon only to see a dark outline and just a little speck of white peeking through. When we got to TJ's, people were standing outside the door staring at the moon. When we came out, there was more white peeking out. It looked like a thumbnail moon. I kept trying to tell B that it must be an eclipse and finally when we arrived home we just stood in our neighbor's driveway (a tree across the street obstructed the view from our house) and watched the eclipse. I just googled now and sure enough, lunar eclipse. The sky was so clear and the moon so bright it made for amazing viewing. I could have stood there all night. I get a little moonstruck anyway, especially when the moon is full. I'm always staring at it, and that can make driving a little tricky, let me tell you. But I find I can't help myself. My eyes are just drawn to it.

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Rena said...

Good photos of the lunar eclipse on the BBC News website!