Saturday, September 22, 2007


I've been settling into my new job as a elementary school media specialist (aka: liberrian). I'm really enjoying it now. The first week of work, the meetings before the kids actually started school, scared the stuffing out of me. I was ready to crawl back to my old job begging...but once I got through the first day of school, I felt so much better. Not to say there won't be challenging days (Thursdays spring to mind), but I now look forward to going into work everyday. That's good, right?


Jase said...

Glad to hear a bit of life from over the Atlantic!
PS Nice Typo!

Kim said...

Sorry we've been so quiet! We forget to check in every once in awhile. Bad friends...bad friends

Rena said...

Hiya Kim,

Thanks to you and Balint for the lovely messages - good to hear from you and hear about what you've been up to. Glad to see you are settling into and enjoying your new job...we want more news soon!!

Serena xxx

Kim said...

Gave you a You Make My Day Award