Thursday, June 12, 2008

Other finished objects

There are a few other things I wanted to post about before I go to bed. First here is the baby blanket I made. It's not that great and I even considered not giving it to the proud parents to be. But in the end I did. Mommy liked it, although she was more enthusiastic because it smelled great (Yay arm and hammer lavender dryer sheets). Oh well. I think it will get a bit of use. She was snuggling it as she walked away from the shower.

I also finished this purse. It is called the Ms. Poppins bag. It turned out smaller than I thought it would, but I like it. I still need to add something, either buttons or bead to the front, but for the most part it is done. This is the first time I've put on handles like this and just finding out that I can take them apart to attach was a huge relief. It was much easier than I thought it would be.

The fabric I used for the lining was a happy coincidence. I found it at Joann's fabric a few months and liked it for a very odd reason. It reminded me of a pair of pajamas I gave my grandfather one year. Strange what will remind you of people. I seem to be associating fabric with people more and more. I see something and it reminds me of a person or I can see an object for someone made from that fabric. I think I'm losing it. But I bought my grandfather's PJ material and put it in the stash, figuring I'd never find a use for it. But I did! Yippee!

The last object is my ipod holder. I made it from a pattern I found somewhere. I'll find it again. I did it in the round and added a garter stitch at the bottom and on the edge of the flap. I also added a pocket for the earphones. On second thought, I think the pattern called for that. I'll put more details on Ravelry later. After school.

I really need to learn how to take digital photographs. Sorry for the poor quality.

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Shelly said...

You did a great job on all of your craft projects!