Tuesday, September 20, 2005


It's been a hectic few days. The day after we arrived was Bal's first day at his new job. I don't see how he did it. I slept til noon! My parents arrived in Newport News that same day, as did our luggage. It was so great to see my folks. I hadn't seen them since last November.

On Saturday we drove around. My new home is very scenic. We drove to Yorktown and then on to Williamsburg. We didn't stick around to see much in Williamsburg. It was very hot, 92 degrees F (33 C) and it also cost $34 to get into the actual park. I think we'll save that treat for another day. On Sunday we drove to Norfolk and Virginia Beach. We saw lighthouses at Fort Story, played on the beach and finished off with a visit to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. The park is a very calming place (apart from the occasional airplane taking off at the airport next door).

Yesterday I left Newport News to come home to Kentucky for a quick visit. The trip took 10 hours by car and crossing three states. It was a beautiful trip though. We drove past the Blue Ridge mountains (breath taking) and through the mountains of West Virginia. I'm home now to visit my granny, friends and of course, my little peanut.

more later...

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