Tuesday, September 27, 2005

the honda

We are now the proud owners of a bright red honda civic. This is the first new car I've ever owned. It drives nicely and when I drive it, my palms get all sweaty from fear of crashing. I can just see it crumpled. I've not been driving regularly for 3 years. We fell for the extra warranty thingie. They basically took us into a room and gave us the hard sell. At least we only took the basic one and not the more expensive one the financial guy was trying to sell us. My dad is ashamed. I knew I should have said no, but at the same time I like having the maintenance and repairs options.

Now it's time to find a short term apartment and a long term job. I dread filling out the job applications. I think I'll sit by the pool tomorrow and contemplate my job situation while finishing the Carl Hiaasen book.

I made brownies today for Bal. I really miss all of my stuff. I don't have any measuring cups, no wooden spoons and no mixing bowl. I do have a brownie pan and some plastic storage bowls and a big serving spoon. That'll have to do. I hope the brownies are good.

I'm going rescue the brownies from the oven now and have a look at baby pictures that were emailed to me today. Pictures of Bal and the honda later.

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