Sunday, May 07, 2006

weekend work

There are twenty one rose bushes around our garden. Twenty one! Who likes roses this much? Obviously the previous owners of our house. They are lovely, but looking at them closely there are black spots all over their leaves. That's what I don't like about roses. You have to really take care of them. Baby them. I'm obviously failing. I guess just letting sun and rain take care of things isn't enough. My mom says that the black spots are possibly aphids. She gave me some sort of rose food that also kills off pests and helps with diseases. Scary stuff. But I got it out and put it on the roses. I almost didn't have enough for all the bushes and carting a big watering can around is really annoying.

The other big news is that Bal bought a lawn mower. I was told not to take a picture of him mowing but he is awfully cute when he is doing yard work. While he was mowing, I was weeding the flower beds. I've figured out that if the roots come out of the ground easily, it wasn't a weed. But the yard looks very nice now. We even enjoyed it in the best light last night. Moonlight. We sat out in the back yard under the stars. It was lovely.

I also went to the farmer's market yesterday. I bought a tomato plant. I wanted to put it in a container, but the soil sold to me at Lowe's has a big warning sticker on the back that it is not for containers. Hmmm. So much for the helpfulness of the lowes staff when I specifically asked for soil for a container. But I did find one of the empty beds that I could dig in and so there it is. Hopefully I'll have lots of lovely tomatoes soon.

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