Thursday, June 08, 2006


While sitting at the desk in the children's department of my library a little boy, about 8 years old, approached and asked for a chapter book on technology. I was stumped. I asked what kind of technology he wanted, thinking robots or computer games. He said weapons. I started to look up weapons and told him that I would probably only be able to find non fiction, not chapter books. His face lit up and he said "I love non fiction". Then he proceeded to tell me that he wanted to do research to invent a weapon to blow up a girls team. Scary kid. His mom just laughed and told him that he needed a notebook and pencils instead.

It's about as scary as the time I taught the crocodile song to kindergarteners - the little fishy swims inside and then you slap your hands together and sing oh no oh no oh no. Some of them were looking a little scared and I said that I thought the fishy escaped before the croc ate it. But then one little boy piped up "Not in my song he didn't!" I didn't know whether to laugh or run for cover, so I just laughed.

I'm not sure why I'm sitting up here blogging when I just received my Subversive Cross stitch book and I can't wait to see what projects I can get my needle into!


Jase said...

Heh! I have at least one friend who would have provided the kid with technical drawings!

Lauren's Aunty Charlotte has already given her a reading book about Poo! (And we are not talking A.A. Milne!)

Kim said...

There are lots of Poo books (and pooey books!)Very educational. My favourite is Run! Run! Scary Poo! or Everybody Poos.

Jase said...

OK - an Amazon search on "Poo" Books came up with a scary number of returns!

Kim said...

Told ya!

Rena said...

Funny you should mention it but that's the book Lauren received - "Everybody Poops"!!!