Friday, July 14, 2006

And back to the vet again

So we had to go back to the vet today. I found Bella (my new name for the completely yellow cat) still has diarrhea. She has had it since I brought her home. She eats all the time. She also goes to the litter box all the time and it smells up the entire bottom floor of the house. The vet thinks it is a certain type of parasite and has prescribed meds for her. They even administered the first dose. The first went down fine, but the second one went all over me! And this was a professional giving it to her. I gave her a dose just before bedtime and it she took almost all of it except one little tiny bit. That little bit was hard going. She is not very happy with me right now and keeps running away from me. It will soon be over and hopefully this will cure it.


Rena said...

Is it possible to put it in her food? That's what we did with Lauren's iron supplements for a while!

Kim said...

why put it in her food when it is much more fun to shoot it down her throat! That way both of us are a sticky mess. But seriously, the medicine is so bitter that I'm afraid she won't actually eat it.

Rena said...

It might still work if you choose something with a strong taste. Iron supplements are also pretty yuk and I couldn't get Lauren to take it after the first two times (she spat it out) so I had to disguise it in her desserts!

Thank goodness we don't have to give her iron anymore.