Friday, July 07, 2006

Twins, Basil. Twins!

I did it. I adopted, not one, but two shelter cats from the humane society. I couldn't bear to choose between them and I'm glad I didn't separate them as they really look after each other. I brought them home today and I'm so glad that my mom was here to help me with them. It was a long drive from the humane society and I almost made it home with no incident. But just as I exited the interstate I smelled it. At the first red light I glanced back to see the two huddled to one side of the carrier and looking at me with pitiful eyes. For such small varmits, they sure can smell up a car! But they are so cute and they seem to be settling in well (knock on wood!). The one in the pink collar is very clingy though and likes to talk. The other is much more independent and loves to play. She does seem to have an upset tummy and when her sister is out of sight she will cry after her. When Balint came in he was very surprised to find two instead of one but he did well. Now they follow him about trying to get his attention and when he goes out to the sunroom, they both stand at the door watching after him and mewing.

We haven't named them yet. I'm still debating. I like:
Lizzy and Jane (Pride and Prejudice, of course)
Lucy and Ethel
Eloise and Olivia (after two very mischievous girls from children's literature)
Georgia and Libby (Louise Rennison characters)

Or any other suggestion. Nothing so far seems to fit.


mr-potter said...

I always thought that ginger cats were always male, but Google soon put me right.

They look very cute.

Jase said...

Scarlett and Melanie?

Kim said...

Good suggestion...but no. I never liked that movie.