Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Oh yeah. I have a blog thingie. Hmmm. Oops.
Life so far - I am still trying the weight watchers thing and so far I have lost 10 lbs. I've started taking a yoga class on Mondays. Mondays are a busy day. I have weight watchers meeting at lunch, yoga straight after work and then, on alternate weeks, knitting group. I managed to finish a baby hat for my friend's baby just in time for the very bitter February. He's only 7 months old, but at least he got some use out of it.

Other knitting - I finished my bastard scarf. This is the first real project that I got my teeth into. It is just a ribbed scarf. I was soooo sick of it by the time I finished it two weeks ago that I put it away and I probably won't look at it until next winter. This probably does not bode well for my adventures in knitting.

I started a baby blanket for my cousin who will have her second in June. With this project I have found out something unfortunate for my wallet. I'm a yarn snob.

I also started my mom's purse. She only picked it out last October. I'm not sure, but fingers crossed and it may be done for her April birthday. It's pretty simple.

I've decided to do a scarf/wrap called Clapotis. It will be done in this yarn. This will probably be my next bastard project, but I hope it turns out as nice as my friend's.

I've also wanted to start a cross stitch project for a gift. I want to make napkin holders. I can see the finished product in my mind, I just have to figure out the measurements and start on it. I'm such a procrastinator.

Bal's birthday was yesterday. I gave him a new fencing bag. I managed to do this with the help of my friend who is one of his fencing buddies. She ordered it for me and sweetly lied when it came in right under his nose. She delivered it to me the next day and I've had it hidden in the trunk of my car for about a month. Bal and I went out for a very nice dinner at the Bone Fish Grill and I even splurged and shared dessert. It was soooo yummy. Creme Brulee.....mmmmmmm.....

Congratulations to Jason, Serena and little Lauren on your very exciting news. I was so thrilled for you guys when I saw your post this afternoon. Hoooray!


Rena said...

Hope Balint had a great birthday! He's been pretty quiet lately; hope all is well with him.

Thanks for the lovely messages re. number 2 - we are very excited!! Hope to catch up more soon!

Rena xxx

Kim said...

I will tell him to email. I didn't realize he was being that quiet. Too much fencing I suspect.