Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Last night was my first night at yoga. I got lost trying to get to the building, so even though I left work early (for once) I still managed to be late for my class. It doesn't matter. It was a great class. Not easy though. During the middle of the class I thought my arms were going to fall off they were burning so badly. My favorite part of yoga (and pilates for that matter) is the time at the end when you can just lie on your mat and let the world fade away and relax. I kept thinking I can make it to that point, just keep going. It was hard but well worth the wait!
I also had the little ones for two storytimes yesterday morning. Lots of action going on there. Lots of dancing and singing. It can be really exhausting, but so much fun. I love working with groups of two and three year olds (and their parents/carers!).
Mondays are shaping up to be busy nights. I have weight watchers at lunchtime, yoga straight after work, and knitting group on some Mondays.
Speaking of weight watching. I only lost 1 pound. But I guess that is better than gaining 1 pound.

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Rena said...

Hey Kim,

Keep going! Sounds like everything is still going in the right direction and I've heard that yoga is really fab once you get a hang of the moves. Mum tries to do it every week and loves it.

Hope you are both well!

Rena xxx