Sunday, April 08, 2007

a purse for my mother

It's almost done. I bought the yarn and the pattern way back in October. I promised my mom that I would finish it for her birthday. That was last week. Oops. I really suck at birthdays. I aim to have it completed by the end of next week. The pieces have been knitted for over a month, but I've been dragging my heels about putting it together. It's still not completely together. If you could look closely, you would see the wonderful little clip things that are holding the strap onto the purse. I learned something new with this, the mattress stitch. I don't think I did it totally right because it was really hard to see which side of the stitch my needle was going into, but it's good enough. The yarn is very bobbly and pretty forgiving.

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Christine said...

your cat is using it as an exercise apparatus! Doesn't she know it's a Purse!! It looks great. You've done such a great job.