Sunday, May 20, 2007


I've been working on the argosy dishcloth from Knitting in a Happy Camper blog.
Okay. It's only a dishcloth. But it's much more than just the grandma's favorite pattern, which happens to be my favorite no brainer knitting. All garter stitch and a few yarn overs and you have something you've knitted in front of the telly and it's useful too. Argosy is a little more complex. There's also a similar baby blanket pattern I want to attempt for a cousin.
I've been knitting for a year now, I think. And I'm getting ok. I no longer panic (much -ish) when I make a mistake. I don't have to take projects to my knitting teacher so that she can fix them (much). I'd been knitting on the argosy dishcloth at a fair rate. I felt confident and good. I had a itty bitty glass of wine. All was going well until I tried to count 73 stitches and found I only had 72. 72. I went backwards. I tried to find the dropped stitch. I couldn't see it. I pondered. I got fed up. I threw the needles across the room and I at an ice cream sandwich. I did not pick it up for two days. This has been driving me crazy most of the weekend.
Then bright and early this morning, as I was drowsing away, I realized where the mistake could be. Maybe I didn't yarn over at the very end. Could it be that simple? Hell yes it could be! That's exactly where the mistake was. JOY!
Now, I'm moving back along and trying to remember to yarn over. I still feel very green, but I figured it out. All. By. Myself.


Jase said...

That sounds almost as complicated as Balint's Montecarlo stuff! In fact I reckon you win!

Anonymous said...

Are you Knitting something for my b-day to? You could just try calling me.

Kim said...

How bout a knitted 360 cozy?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes then make it so.