Sunday, July 22, 2007


I'm officially no longer a public librarian. Beginning August 1st, I will be working an Elementary school as a media specialist. I'm so excited and a bit anxious. This is what I've wanted to do for a very long time though. I'll miss a lot of my friends at the library, but there are many other things there that I will not miss.

My last day was a blow out. We had a Harry Potter (Madness)party where the library turned into Hogwarts. We had a potions class with Snape insulting the children (Bal in a very bad wig and black graduation robe). There was also Defense Against the Dark Arts with Tonks, who had very nice pink hair and our very own dementor who was very scary. Divination was taught by a really excellent Professor Trelawny. We also had Care of magical creatures and a real, live unicorn. I was in charge of crafts which included HP glasses, owls, and wand making. The wands were the most popular. Who knew that drinking straws, bits of paper and thread would be so popular. We were a bit overwelmed and when I say we, I mean my co worker who had just happened to sit at that table and never moved for two solid hours.

It was great fun but I was completely keyed up afterwards and even though I was tired that night, I had trouble sleeping. That meant I was a grumpy, grumpy person on my first day of freedom. Oh well. I feel better now. And Bal was pretty impressive as Snape.

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Rena said...

Hiya Kim,

Balint told me about your new job; congrats and hope you settle in quickly to your new role!

Rena, Jase and Lauren xxx