Friday, July 27, 2007

Knitting still

I'm still knitting and I'm having so much fun with it. I didn't know it would get under your skin like this. I'm still on the easy patterns, not much thinking to it. I finished a blanket for my cousin's second baby. It was the simplest pattern, basically the grandmas favorite dishcloth but much, much bigger. I decided to thread ribbon through the lacy bit. I really liked it. The only problem with it...there is a huge glaring mistake. I figured it out around about 20 rows to the end. I've been making the same mistake when I made dishcloths from the same pattern. Basically when the pattern says k1, yarn over and then knit 1 together, I did just that, not realizing that I should have done the last two steps in one smooth motion. I really considered ripping it back to the halfway point, to the point where I started to decrease (mainly cause I'm anal), but the knitting group talked me out of it and introduced me to the concept of design elements. Here is is finished.

I showed the blanket to Bal and he asked if I could make one for friends in Hungary who have just had their first baby. So I did. My cousin's blanket seemed to take forever to finish. The second attempt took no time at all. The added bonus is there are no mistakes design elements.

Here it is at the beginning...
And after a couple of weeks...the finished product...

Honestly! It took me longer to get around to threading the ribbon through than it did to knit. At least that's what it felt like. I'm such a procrastinator. Unfortunately, my procrastination tendencies are on going because neither one of these blankets has been delivered to it's intended baby. Hopefully the parents will receive them before the babies go to college.

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