Saturday, August 11, 2007

paint in my hair

While my mom has been visiting, we decided to tackle a couple of paint jobs. And when I say we, I really mean mom. While she has been here she has painted the dining room, downstairs bathroom, the office and the upstairs hall way as well as the ceilings in the entry way and the living room. It looks great. My dad arrived this week and they will be leaving tomorrow. In a last ditch effort, we decided to do the stairwell. It really needed to be done since the hallways, which connect to the stairwell have been newly painted, make it look horrible. So my dad and I got a huge ladder and my mom and I have been painting away. It's a b@#%&.
I don't want to paint again for a long time. I have paint all over me. Even with the 8 foot extension pole, it's a stretch. The hardest part is the trim work. We have a trimmer (didn't work very well over head), a corner roller (ditto) and finally we duct taped a paint brush to the end of the pole and it worked reasonable well.
We are almost done. We have help. My cat, Rosa, thinks the drop cloth is a perfect place to take her five hour nap. Nevermind the paint drips and the people tripping over her down the stairs.


Rena said...

I completely sympathise. Painting the stairwell is a horrible job; I confess that I have not done one for many years because we always chicken out and get someone else to do it for us!

Can't wait to see more photos of your recent makeover of the house though - bet you it looks fabulous.

Kim said...

Thanks! I'll try to take more pictures, especially of Balint's orange office. The stairwell was a pain and I think I'll probably do the same as you if ever in that position again!