Saturday, March 15, 2008


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A friend of mine recently retired and I couldn't figure out what to give her. I knew she had become a part owner of a beach house and my brain connected beach house with beach reading and all beach readers need a beach bag to keep their beach books I made a beach book bag. Hmmm.

I picked Amy Butler's Frenchy bag pattern. I liked Amy Butler's patterns. She makes if very easy for a beginner to follow. I'll probably make some changes the next time I make one of these. For instance I want to move the magnetic clip up a bit and I also think I will sew a stitch down the middle of one inside pocket. Those pockets are huge and just sort of flap around. But over all really liked making this.


Rena said...

I loved the design of this bag and the beautiful bold fabric you chose for it!

Kim said...


Lindsey said...

that's really cute! I got my sewing machine on easter. then i bought a book and made a little bag. and I still have all my fingers!
I love that pattern.