Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More bags

My best friend from Kentucky is on her way to Virginia to visit. She is bringing her twin daughters who will soon be six years old. I picked up a few things to give them when they arrive including a Magic Tree House book, a notebook (they enjoyed "writing" in their diaries on their last visit), some little mechanical pencils, heart shaped erasers, stickers and lip gloss. I wanted to find a little gift bag, but nothing looked good and then I found a pattern I had printed out previously kicking around. I just tried to google for it, but no success. I'll try to find it again later. I changed things a little bit and lined it. I did this because I thought I would do the same drawstring channel technique from the Yarnmonster draw sting bag. It didn't work out quite the way I wanted it to, but it ended up working out better. You can draw the bag together either by the straps or by the ribbon draw cord. The bag is a bit smaller than called for because I was up late cutting them out and even though I double checked the measurements I still managed to screw it up make it better. It is smaller, but that works well for small girls I think. So here they are, filled with all their goodies.

The pink one was the first one I tried. I almost forgot the pockets and had to add it at the last minute, i.e. after I stitched up the side seams. I also decided to add a top to it, and the pink was my first attempt.

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