Monday, July 07, 2008


I've been known to say that I can't sew. I guess I should change that now. I think I always compared myself to my mom and my grandmothers whenever I thought of my sewing abilities. While I'm still nowhere near their expertise, I can now find my way around many patterns. I've come a long way from making barbie clothes by sewing up side seams and cutting a hole in the top.

I've been trying to get into a sewing mood and it finally happened. My sewing machine (which is my grandmother's by the way) is sitting on the dining room table waiting for me. I have several projects in mind, including two little drawstring backpacks for the twin girls who are visiting me this week (along with their mom, my bff from Kentucky), and a diaper bag that isn't supposed to look like a diaper bag exactly. I'm excited about this project, but a little wary since I'm sort of doing it with no pattern. Be afraid Jen, be very afraid. I've got all sorts of plans for this one...hehehehe [evil giggling].

Sewing is a more lonely pursuit. (Is there such a thing as a sewing group?) That's why I have turned the dining room into a makeshift sewing room, (sorry Bal). It's nice to have the tv in the background and the table is a great surface to work on. It's a huge oak table that used to be my parent's kitchen table. In fact, you can still see the tracing wheel marks my mom made in the past while making clothes for my me. I do know that I tend to go into my own little world while I'm concentrating and my husband has been ever so patient by making me dinner and occupying himself by going on long bike rides and fencing.

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