Thursday, July 29, 2010

More blocks

This time for my baby. Truth to tell, I'm pretty sick of blocks though. This is actually the first set of three sets of blocks. I made some for a baby girl too. I might have one more small set in the works for another baby, if I have time (I'm on the countdown and my time is becoming limited). The fabric is from the Love U collection by Deb Strain. A very good friend also made a quilt out of the same fabric for the baby and I'm so excited to wrap him up in it. Here are some of the blocks. The pattern came from The Soft Baby Cube Tutorial on Flickr .

Not a great picture I know. They are cuter in person. I've also made a few bibs and a nursing cover. I'm in the process of making a quilt for my cousin's new baby. It may be finished before she goes to college.


Chris said...

Those blocks are really adorable. I love the colors you chose. I so wish I had all this fun inspiration when we were starting our family.

Kim said...

Thanks Chris! I don't know where the creativity came from, but I know where it went now that the baby is here :D