Tuesday, May 16, 2006

life as a children's librarian again

I love to read comic strips with my morning cup of tea. One of my favs is Unshelved about life in the library. It often hits pretty close to home.
Link in case you are interested.
This morning I was reading the article about the creators in the Seattle Times and this hit even closer to home...

Still, one of their spiels involves an image of children's librarians as idealistic souls who jump and clap their hands when they're happy. "It's true," Barnes says. "They all do it. Someone came up to me [after a talk] and said, I just want you to know, 'I'm a children's librarian, and I don't do that.' So I signed her book and drew the children's librarian, and she jumped up and clapped her hands. Swear to God."

I was totally jumping and clapping my hands this morning when I found out that I might possibly, just possibly be able to go to Arizona with my husband this July. As soon as I did it though, I was like, Oh crap...I'm a typical children's librarian.


Rena said...

LOL, love your work!

Anyhow, there's nothing wrong with a bit of excited clapping as long as nobody catches you...

Hehe!! ;-))

jsignal said...

lol... I don't think it's limited to librarians. Elementary school teachers do it too.