Sunday, May 14, 2006

Oh Bother!

It's been a fun and eventful weekend. We went to the park yesterday and walked along the trails with my brother. I'm very impressed with JI. He's been working very hard to lose weight. He has lost 50 pounds so far! A year ago, he would not have been able to keep up our pace through a 3 mile walk along a nature trail. We even took a longer route. He was doing a great job. Then in the evening it was off to VA Beach for a play. A friend was playing a role in Agatha Christie's Unexpected Guest. It was a good show. Bal, JI and I played on the beach before the play. I was the smart one and wore sandals. The guys had a few damp spots on their shoes.

Today was another trip to the park. Bal and I cycled while my brother walked the trails again. It is raining again and when we came home from the exercise and the grocery store, we found that our gutters were backed up. This has thrown us in a bit of a tizzy as we don't have a ladder and water was pouring onto the porch over the gutters. Bal managed to lean out of the window and clear it out, but we have to get a ladder and figure things out. I won't say what my outlook on owning a house is right now. I just hope my dad comes and tells me what to do. What would we do without our parents! They seem to have all the answers.

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