Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Travelling

Here we are in sunny London, Kentucky. Cats and all. My dad decided not to come to our house for the holidays because of the long trip, the night driving and, oh yeah, he has a UK ball game to attend on the 28th. So the big decision makers that we are, we finally settled on making the 10 hour drive on Friday night. I didn't feed the girls their evening meal, bought another cat carrier and packed up. At 6.30 Saturday morning all things were go. We packed up the pressies, the cat paraphernalia, the kittens and off we went. We made it to the park just as Rosa decided to test out the tiny litter box I put into each carrier. Wow, what a stinker.
The traffic was lighter than I imagined. The cats were very good, apart from the occasional mewing and scratching at the door of the carrier, they slept most of the time. We tried to take them out (on leads) at a rest area and that scared the bejesus out of them. They were more than happy to go back into the carriers.
Everyone was happy to see us and them. They've had the run of the house. I was so tired last night that I couldn't think straight and I was really looking forward to having a nice late morning, but I woke up at 6.30 again and can't go back to sleep. Oh well. Next stop, presents!

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