Friday, December 08, 2006

Just waiting

So Bal has been away in Dublin this past week. I wanted to get so much done while he was away, but all I managed to do was lay on the couch and watch Heroes and My Name is Earl. (yes that was on my to do list! ) Bal was to arrive home tonight, but his flight from Newark was cancelled and now I may have to drive to the airport in Richmond to pick him up since he had to get a new flight into a totally different airport. Luckily my friend has agreed to ride along with me so that I won't get lost in the dark. I feel so bad for poor bal. He'll be exhausted and frustrated to boot. As soon as I find out if he managed to get onto this flight, I'm running out to Trader Joe's for some wine. (For him, not me!)

The cats have figured out a new way to let me know that their food bowls need refilling (not that they are ever empty). I was in the living room last night, watching my name is earl, when I heard a loud bang. I ran into the kitchen to find a perfectly calm kitten sitting on the table and the container I keep their food in was upside down on the floor. I squirted Rosa with water and put the container back on the table. Five minutes later, another bang and Rosa was on the table again looking at me expectantly while the container was on the floor. So I fed them.

I just found out that Bal did not make it on standby and will have to take a later flight. So it is off to Richmond for me!!


Balint said...

See what a great Wife I have? Got into Richmond and Kimmie was waiting for me.
Sadly, the suitcase with her pressie is lost in Continental Space.

My advice: Avoid Newark! Direct flights to Edinburgh and Dublin are not worth the hassle when they cancel on you. Mind you all airlines have become noticeably poor recently

Jonathan said...

What is 'Heroes'? It sounds like it should be a cereal.

Balint said...

It is, only it is spelled 'serial' (its a tv serial
here in which strange Japanese people stop time by pulling a funny face. Other people have other fun abilities)

Jonathan said...

Not a marshmalow enhanced sugary treat then?