Friday, May 04, 2007

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival...Day one

I'm going to a festival! I can't wait. I leave early this afternoon. My friend, her sister and I are driving to Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest. It'll be a 3 hour drive. We invited Bal, because I haven't seen him all week and you know, we need someone to carry all our bags of yarn, but no. He doesn't want to come. He'd rather go fencing. That's okay though. It'll be a girly weekend. And he'll stay with the kittens.

I don't know what it will be like at the festival. I've never been and being a newbie knitter, I really don't know what to expect or what I'll even purchase. I have my camera, my bag for yarn and the money to buy another bag, because you can never have too many bags!


Rena said...

Hope you had fun at the festival!


Jase said...

How can Balint decline such an invitation?

Kim said...

I don't know. We even had the pink bag picked out for him and everything!