Friday, March 14, 2008

girl scout cookies and wine

It's been a while since my last post (as usual) but a lot has been going on. Now I'm back and I don't have much to say. Life has been as busy as usual. I haven't been knitting so much because my hand and wrist have been hurting and this seems to flare up after a knitting session. Last night was my first time to the knitting group in weeks. I've been working on a Clapotis for my mom and it is not going well. I did something wrong with it during the car trip to Kentucky and I can't quite figure out what happened. I need to brood on it a bit more.

Girl scout cookie season is nearly over and I almost made it through, but I could resist no longer. Girl scout cookies are like Christmas, it only comes around once a year. It's even better than Christmas because you can freeze the cookies and eat them throughout the year. Or if you are like me and upon finding two boxes on your desk left by a very well meaning library volunteer, you eat your way through two whole boxes of tagalongs in two days. That's right. Two days!!! They were so yummy. And so addictive, obviously. I dread my weigh in this week.

Speaking of weight watchers I've been on a plateau lately. I move up 2lbs and drop 2lbs. Obviously it's because of my weakness for things like cookies. I'm thinking of trying to give up all the little sweet snacks. If they are not around, I don't eat them.

Now, I'm going to mull over my knitting and think about sewing while I drink my small portion of red wine and wait for my lovely husband to finish cooking our delicious smelling meal.

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